In Northern Benin, the NB-ITTAS project is making significant strides in sustainably managing and conserving resources, much to the delight of local populations. A delegation from the Niger Basin Authority (NBA), led by Regional Coordinator Tchokponhoué Allomasso, recently visited the project sites to assess progress.

The project collaborates with local associations and NGOs to manage floods, droughts, and pollution, reduce land, forest, and biodiversity pressure, and improve community living conditions.

Positive Impact in Malanville

In Malanville, the project supports aquaculture, including a Clarias fingerling production center and a fish farming site, with notable community enthusiasm and resource contributions despite some funding shortages. Formal agreements between landowners and cooperatives are encouraged for sustainable development.

Success in Kandi

In Kandi’s Goungoun community, the NB-ITTAS project has established a 25-hectare cashew plantation and women’s cooperatives transforming peanuts, shea nuts, and neem seeds. Challenges include storage and financial constraints, but the project has been supportive. Additionally, a new beekeeping site is expected to produce significant honey yields, promoting environmental protection and biodiversity.

Hope in Firou

Despite security issues in Kérou, the NB-ITTAS project supports local communities by raising awareness, organizing training, restoring degraded lands, and promoting income-generating activities from non-timber forest products and beekeeping.

This workshop highlights the project’s positive impact and ongoing efforts in sustainable resource management and community development in the Niger Basin region.