From June 26 to 28, the validation workshop for the study results on the functional platform of Parc W will take place in Ouagadougou. Below is the press release from the NB-ITTAS Project regarding this event.


Sub-regional Workshop for the Validation of Study Results on the Functional Platform of Parc W

#Niamey, #Niger – June 24, 2024

The NB-ITTAS project is pleased to announce the organization of a sub-regional workshop to validate the results of the study on the functional platform of Parc W. This important event will take place from June 26 to 28, 2024, in #Ouagadougou, #BurkinaFaso.

This workshop aims to strengthen the contribution of national institutions to the management of the transboundary ecosystem of Parc W. During the event, participants from sub-regional, national, local, and community organizations, directly or indirectly involved in the governance of the Parc W ecosystem, will review and validate the study results. The study includes the formulation of a demonstration project based on innovative/ecological technologies, the design of a capacity development program, and a joint monitoring system to support the governance structures of the functional platforms of the Parc W transboundary ecosystem. Recommendations will be made for the effective contribution of national institutions.

This workshop is a key initiative to enhance sub-regional collaboration and promote sustainable natural resource management practices by integrating innovative technologies and developing local capacities for better governance of the Parc W ecosystem.

The NB-ITTAS project, covering 11 countries (#Benin, #BurkinaFaso, #Cameroon, #CotedIvoire, #Guinea, #Mali, #Niger, #Nigeria, #Chad, #Algeria, and #Mauritania), aims to improve the management, governance, and conservation of the Niger Basin resources and the aquifer systems in the region. The project is structured into four components, each targeting specific results for integrated resource management.

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