The curtains have fallen on the regional workshop for validating the results of the functional platform of Parc W. From June 26 to 28, 2024, in Ouagadougou, experts from Benin, Niger, and Burkina Faso formulated pertinent recommendations for the coordinated and inclusive management of Parc W.

Facing a series of anthropogenic and natural pressures that render the resources, habitats, and surrounding communities vulnerable, the Niger Basin Authority (NBA), through the NB-ITTAS Project, is working to safeguard the regional Parc W. During the regional workshop in Ouagadougou, experts validated the results of the functional platform of Parc W. The aim of this workshop was to strengthen the contribution of national institutions to the management of the transboundary ecosystem of Parc W.

Given the challenges faced by this transboundary ecosystem, it is essential to undertake sustainable actions to ensure the optimal functioning of ecosystems at both the local and basin levels. This is crucial for the sustainable management of these terrestrial and wetland ecosystems, to support ecosystem services, livelihoods, and the development of value chains in the regional Parc W, to improve the management of natural resources to stimulate economic growth, and to reduce poverty, particularly among women and vulnerable groups. Unanimously, the participants validated the reports submitted for their review and made further recommendations.

Mr. Félix Sou, representing the Minister of Environment, Water and Sanitation (MEEA) of Burkina Faso, Mr. Sèyivè Didier Zinsou, Acting Executive Secretary of the NBA, and Mr. Allomasso Tchokponboué, Project Coordinator, closed the workshop by thanking all participants for their availability and the quality of the work done.