Conakry hosted the 4th Steering Committee session of the Niger Basin Authority (NBA) on April 18-19. This high-level meeting saw several important decisions made, notably the approval of the 2024 work plan and budget for the NB-ITTAS project.

Joining Forces to Boost the NB-ITTAS Project The primary goal of this session was to approve the 2024 work plan to implement effective actions for the well-being of local communities and to improve institutional governance of water and natural resource management. This was emphasized by Zinsou Didier SEYIRE, Interim Executive Secretary of the NBA.

During this meeting in Conakry, participants also reviewed field activities and the results achieved. They also outlined future prospects that best meet the expectations of beneficiary populations.

According to Allomasso TCHOKPONHOUE, Regional Coordinator of the NB-ITTAS project, this session was also an opportunity to receive recommendations from Steering Committee members for the proper implementation of the annual work plan and budget.

Maximizing Activities Given the imminent project completion date, Steering Committee members suggested that the Coordination take necessary measures to carry out as many activities as possible.

Nima BAH, Chief of Staff to the Guinean Minister of Energy, Hydraulics, and Hydrocarbons, noted that this 4th Steering Committee session is a real opportunity for the NBA member states to better understand the challenges related to inclusive, equitable, and sustainable development of the basin in a context of cross-border cooperation and resource management.

The NBA Steering Committee, established in 2020 in Niamey, is a guiding, steering, and monitoring body that holds regular sessions.